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INDIA STAYS: Bharati Tamil Sangam is proud to announce the success of our efforts to stop the replacement of India name as South Asia in CA History Text Books. Thanks to all who signed the petition to stop this initiative. Here is the link with more details:

Bharati Tamil Sangam is proud to join the "CA History-Social Science Framework Community Coalition" - Please extend your support by signing the forms using the link given below.

Subject: Join the CA History-Social Science Framework Community Coalition


I am writing on behalf of a diverse coalition of leaders, educators, and interfaith leaders, temples and community organizations for your support on the most important issue at this time for Indian Americans, Hindu Americans, and California students. The California K-12 History-Social Science Framework has still NOT yet achieved accuracy and equity in the representation of the history, culture, and traditions of India, Hinduism, and Jainism. This is despite public testimony and written submissions to the California Department of Education’s Instructional Quality Commission (IQC) from several hundred students, parents, scholars, and educators. The IQC will have its final hearing on the History-Social Science Subject Matter Committee recommended draft Framework on , and the community asks for your CRUCIAL support!

Specifically, we ask you for you to sign on to a broad coalition letter of Indian, Hindu, and Jain community groups and leaders that would urge the IQC and State Board to adopt a more inclusive K-12 History-Social Science Textbook Framework that portrays the state’s diverse communities in a fair, accurate, and culturally sensitive light. The “Social Sciences and Religion Faculty Group,” a coalition of academics from history, social sciences, and religion, is submitting recommendations to the IQC, which we believe are both balanced and accurate. Your sign on will support what this group is recommending (a link to their letter can be found below).

The Framework provides a blueprint of content for the state’s history-social science textbooks and instructional materials, and will guide classroom instruction for the next several years. Your support is thus critical to ensuring that India, Jainism, and Hinduism are depicted accurately and fairly. This will help promote dignity and a positive self-image for Indian, Jain, and Hindu American students and prevent them from being bullied based on their heritage and religion. Moreover, it will enrich the educational and classroom experience for all of California’s students and provide them with an accurate understanding of Indian, Jain, and Hindu history, culture, and traditions.

The IQC will be reviewing a final draft Framework on , so we need your support TODAY.

Please review links to the material below:

  1. Copy of the Community Coalition Support Letter to which we would like to add your name

  2. K-12 History-Social Science Textbook Frameworks Fact Sheet

  3. “Social Sciences and Religion Faculty Group” Letter

Who can join this coalition:

  • Organizations: On the coalition letter, we will print the organization name, and if applicable, the city, and state of the organization.

  • Leaders: We invite individual community leaders. Other leaders from your organization may also sign on. Names of leaders will be listed with organization affiliation (for identification purposes only), city, and state.

Here is a link to the sign-on form: CA History-Social Science Framework Community Coalition. Only forms with completed information will be accepted and added as a signatory to the coalition letter, and we reserve the right to not list any individual or leader.

The deadline for signatures is .

Sign up to testify before the State Board of Education

Please also sign up to join the Community Coalition in testifying before the Department of Education Instructional Quality Commission in Sacramento  and  (schedule/agenda tbd). The IQC will be holding public hearings to discuss and adopt a final draft of the K-12 History-Social Science Textbook Framework. There will be a public comment period at the end of each hearing where we will all have the opportunity to make a statement/testify for two minutes before the IQC. It is critically important that we show up to this hearing in large numbers and let the IQC know that we support positive changes to the representation of India and Hinduism in the textbooks. If you are interested in attending and testifying at either or both Thursday or Friday's hearing, please fill out the same Google Form. This will allow us to coordinate transportation to Sacramento (carpool rides will be available) and other logistics with all those attending.



List of Supporting Organizations 
1) HEF / HSS

2) HAF
3) Sunnyvale Temple

4) Fremont Temple

5) Silicon Andhra

6) Bay Area Telugu Association

7) Bharati Tamil Sangam

8) Bayarea Vaishnav Parivar


10) Livermore Temple

11) VEDA Temple

12) Shiv Durga Temple

13) FIA